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Supervan Quick Facts

SuperVan 900

Supervan 900 Information


Performance-SpecsSupervan 900 Performance Specifications


Head-to-Head 12JR vs 42A12JR vs. 42A Head-to-Head


AIN-Magazine-Product-Support-Survey-2012-for-Engines-TPE331-thm81AIN Magazine Product Support Survey


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Supervan 900 Conversions

Supervan 900

The ultimate in performance, quality and fuel consumption

Are you tired of a 3600 hour TBO? Do you want your Caravan to perform? Texas Turbines has the ultimate in TBO, performance, quality, and fuel consumption. We can install a Honeywell TPE331-12JR engine in your Caravan that will give you exactly what you need. Our conversion will allow your airplane to take-off shorter, climb quicker, cruise faster for the same fuel burn, or cruise farther for the same speed… You can have all of this with a 7000 hour TBO at a lower hourly operating cost.

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Supervan 900 Quickfacts

Looking for more facts on the Supervan 900? Check out our Quick Facts page.

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Design Features

Listing design features

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Supervan 900 Performance

This page highlights the Supervan 900 performance

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Supervan 900 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Before and After

Profiling the before and after changes to the stock caravan.

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