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Supervan 900 Quickfacts

Looking for more facts


Supervan 900 BrochureSupervan 900 Full Brochure

The new Texas Turbine Conversions Supervan 900 brochure contains a wealth of information regarding flight performance, operating costs, the conversion process and more. In addition you can see some photos of some of our Caravan to Supervan 900 conversions from around the world.

Click image to download brochure.


12JR vs 42A12JR vs. 42A Comparison

Head to Head Caravan Comparison - Cargo Pod Installed
Honeywell TPE331-12JR vs Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A

TPE331-12Click the chart to the right to download brochure.


Performance SpecificationsSupervan 900 Performance Specifications

View raw statistics and figures comparing the Supervan 900 with the Honeywell TPE331-12JR versus the stock Caravan Pratt & Whitney PTC-42A.

Click the chart to the right to download brochure.


AIN-Magazine-Product-Support-Survey-2012-for-Engines-(TPE331)Honeywell TPE331 Ranks #1 in AIN survey.


Responding to its Global Customer Committee (GCC) advisory board, Honeywell says it is targeting AOG response time by improving TFE, CFE  and HTF engine parts stocking levels and order processes and enhancing communication. Download full article here.




Operating cost Comparison
Operating cost

One of the biggest concerns among operators

is of course cost and life limits parts cost.

View our brochure for more inforemation.

Download full article here.