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Super Otter Performance

Power Plant Specifications


Our conversion will allow your airplane to haul more, take-off shorter, climb faster, cruise farther, and burn less fuel. Knowing that this aircraft is flown in some of the harshest environments in the world, we have selected an engine and propeller combination with a well-proven history.

The four-blade prop coupled with slower turning engine equates to great static thrust for takeoff and higher horsepower for improved climb.

 Sea Level - Standard day
Power output 1000 shp Takeoff 
970 shp Continuous
Flat Rating 900 shp up to 35° C
SFC 0.553
ESFC 0.523
RPM gas gen 41,730 
shaft output 1,591
Rotation ccw from rear
Weight 415 lbs
PWR/WT ratio 2.17
Pressure Ratio 10.2
Airflow 8.11 lb/sec
Fuel Jet A, Jet B, Jet A-1, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8
Oil Mil-L-23699, Type III
Mil-L-7808, Type II
Electrical 24 vdc, 16.2 amp
Start capability SL-20,000 ft
-40F +130F
Operational limits SL-35,000ft
Compressor bleed 10% (max)

Super Otter Specifications vs. The Competition

Texas Turbine Conversions Super Otter conversion adds more power and performance over stock configurations and the leading competitor.

Specification Standard Otter Vazar Turbine Otter* TTC - Super Otter
Engine P&W R1340 PT6A-135 TPE331-10/-12JR
Horsepower 600 hp <750 shp 900 shp flat-rated
Torque 2101 ft-lbs 1876 ft-lbs 2971 ft-lbs
TBO 1000 hrs 3500 hrs. 7000 hrs
Useful Load (wheels) 3400 lbs 3800 lbs 3800 lbs
Useful Load (floats) 3000 lbs 3767 lbs 3767 lbs
Std. empty weight (wheels) 4600 lbs 4200 lbs 4200 lbs
Std. empty weight (floats) 5000 lbs 4600 lbs 4600 lbs
Max gross weight (floats) 8000-8367 lbs 8000-8367 lbs 8000-8367 lbs
Max landing weight (floats) 8000 lbs 8000 lbs 8000 lbs
Climb (ISA- g.w. wheels) 850 ft/min 1200 ft/min 1700 ft/min
Climb (ISA- g.w. floats) 450 ft/min 1100 ft/min 1600 ft/min
Cruise (10,000 ft. wheels) 105 kts 144 kts 155 kts (airframe limited)
Cruise (10,000 ft. floats) 100 kts 130 kts 145 kts(airframe limited)
Cruise fuel flow 244 lbs/hr 338 lbs/hr 315 lbs/hr
Takeoff (wheels) 630 ft 560 ft 490 ft
Takeoff (floats) 18-20 sec 15-18 sec 8-10 sec
Landing (wheels) 440 ft 310 ft 290 ft>
Landing (floats) 500 ft 400 ft 300 ft
Powerloading 13.3 lbs/hp 10.66 lbs/shp 8.89 lbs/shp
Stall Speed- clean 63 kts 63 kts 70 kts
Stall Speed- flaps 50 kts 50 kts 49 kts
Cargo area 480 cu ft 480 cu ft 480 cu ft
Range (cruise- standard fuel) 5.36 hrs 4.32 hrs 4.64 hrs
* The performance and weight specifications for the Vazar turbine Otter are the best that we can determine from all the literature that we had at the time. We also called operators of the Vazar Otter to get accurate weight and performance numbers in the field .